Due to the nature of the sport, we will uphold the highest level of safety and will be uncompromising in our pursuit of these standards. Any guns to be perceived unsafe or behaving in a manner detrimental to these standards will  be asked to leave, with no refund given.

We are sure you can understand that this is for the safety of everyone involved and to make sure everyone enjoys their day in a safe and fun environment

We should be made aware of any inexperienced guns and we will happily stand with them .

All guns should bring eye and ear protection. If you should forget, spares will be available.​

We provide a public liability insurance for the day, we will require details of all persons taking part, if you have your own insurance we will require copies.​

Friends who are in your company but not shooting will also be required to wear safety glasses and comply with safety protocol.

First aid equipment is carried in all vehicles.

On the day you will be asked to complete and sign a Declaration Under Section 21 of The Firearms Act 1968 form. If you wish, you can download the form in advance and complete it before arrival.



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